Church Council


Chair Mark Talbert (2020)
Lay Leader Cindy Nabity (2020)
Delegate to Annual Conference Cheryl Sieck (2020)
Recording Secretary Sue Dubois
Membership Secretary Sue Dubois
Alternate Member to Annual Conference
Youth Member to Youth Annual Conference Sam DuBois
Engage (Evangelism) – This team will focus on inviting and welcoming new persons to our church and community through personal contacts, newspaper ads and other means.
Connect (Membership) – This team will focus on caring for our members and friends in the church including those who are home bound; those in care centers; and those who are or become inactive. Debora Wilcox (2020)
Equip (Education / Faith Formation) – This team will focus on education, spiritual formation and training including Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Youth & Bible study. Nancy Teetor (2019)
Service (Hospitality) – This team will focus on reaching to others in need beyond our own membership and community by putting our faith in action. Linda Bontrager (2019)
Finance and Stewardship Gene Mercer (2020)
Committee on Lay Leadership
Counters Team 1 – Team 2 – Substitutes
Memorials  Doreen Peterson (2018)
Staff Parish Relations Committee – The Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (S/PPRC) is the administrative unit in the church where staff and congregational interests come together to focus on the mission of the church. Brittany Vesely (2020)
Trustees Nan  Raymond (2019)
Foundation Gene Mercer (2018)