What binds us together is God

“Rambling Rumbles”

I read an interesting meditation in the last couple weeks which really grabbed hold of me and hasn’t let go.

The thought behind the meditation is that all of us are part of a larger and smaller system. For example, our bodies are composed of cells which are created and die off, similarly to our lives. That is an expression of the smaller system. But our bodies also belong to a larger system, one of relation to each other, the planet and even the universe.

I guess you could say this is where quantum science meets theology.

Within this quantum theology (as I’ll call it), there is something that binds everything together since scientists believe all that is started with a big bang millions of years ago. It is that element that binds everything together which is significant.

It is significant because what binds us together is God, and as we are told in scripture, God is Love. So what binds us all together is Love.

That understanding has huge implications for us as followers of Jesus Christ. It also packs meaning to the goals in the year ahead, many of which center us on the practice of discipleship, which is an expression of Love in that it is both being love and sharing love.

I realize that’s pretty deep, but it is certainly food for thought. May it be something we not only munch on, but something that helps us to realize how connected we really are.

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